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Area Rugs 101

For beginners, styling a home and finding artistic ways to express your habitat is a deep passion of mine due to the fact that I’m son of a former model (mother) and former furniture vendor (father). My parents throughout the years have remodeled and remodeled the house almost about 5 times in the course of 4 months, styling each and every room with different carpets from Paris, Milan and Dubai. We are firm believers that your home, garden, and even the way you dress exploits your character and your diversity. For example, my father is Italian, and my mother is African-American, but both have lived and traveled to several different countries and have acquired many decorative items and unique pieces that are one of a kind when you’re looking for area rugs in Seattle.


Whether they’re vintage rugs that my grandmother had which were hereditary, or a chic Egyptian chandelier that was thrown in a business deal for my father, we love to mix and show our past experiences. At the very young age of 5, I made plans for my own room to modify and change it up however I wanted it. My room as a matter of fact never looked like the average 5 year old’s room: I was ahead of my age, I matured faster than most kids and was interested in many artistic and vintage rugs that I had received in the past as a gift. Many adults who came to visit our home and saw my room were always in awe, but the kids my age never understood why I chose what I chose and would criticize me saying “this rug looks like the one my grandma has”.


Of course I was sad to hear that my very own friends never liked my room, because I put so much effort into it, and every kid wants their friends to envy them for something cool that they have that others don’t. But what I didn’t know back then was, that having a vintage looking room was my actual goal. To this day I have many pictures of my mini self in baggy jeans and a small white hoodie looking into the camera in my queen bed looking happy as I could be. Looking at those pictures brings me joy and reminds myself everyday of who I am and where I come from.


Decorating the house with paintings, in my opinion, shows a sign of open-mindedness and shows how rich you are cultural-wise. Being biracial plays a big role in this story, because I get to see the best of both worlds and the best of both cultures, and therefore, I am enriched to think differently and be unique in my own way by the style my home has. Style defines character and character defines you.


Decorating My Room With The Passion Of 1,000 Suns

It’s all about the little things.

The ‘little things’ don’t necessarily have to be little in size but intricate ideas and pieces that describe the environment one wants to portray in that given space. Therefore, making any given environment a place to call your own. A vital part of creating one’s own personal space is décor.

Décor in any area matters because it sets a mood and creates an ambiance that can be explained throughout the room. The room speaks for itself and can either leave a memorable or unpleasant taste in one’s mouth. The details and nuances throughout an environment produce a personality of its own. For example, college students, like myself, get the same uniform dorm room, but it’s up to us to personalize them and make it our own.


Every resident has their own vision of what their dorm wants to look like and so do people in their houses, apartments, businesses, and individual places to call their own.
Furthermore, it adds importance to a cause. In business and events, décor enhances the event and everything in it. The theme of events and the atmosphere portrayed are displayed throughout the room. The décor can either add or take away from the event. Knowing the difference between what’s needed in different events are crucial to the reason why one throws an event. For instance, one can tell the difference between a charity gala a company holds from a baby shower simply on the décor. Decorations down to materials, furniture, area rugs, table arrangements and colors all have a role to play in impacting an event.

Altogether a room is just a room without anyone to make it their own. Décor is the same as a first impression it can make or break the entire experience. It revamps old styles, livens up one’s mood, or create a fresh start. Décor in any environment whether at home, dorm, or business events are crucial to putting one’s trademark on a given space.



Decorating My Rustic Home

How I Decorated My Rustic Home

I never realized how much the décor around me was actually a reflection of my life until I sat down one day with my grandson looking through some old photo albums. As we looked through the pages, I couldn’t help but notice the backgrounds in the photos. I thought about how the rooms around us reflect our personalities and where we are on our life’s journey. As our life changes, so does the décor around us.

Growing up in my childhood home, I remember my world always being bright, sunny and soft. This made sense as my mother loved yellow. Shades of yellow on the walls, daisies on our plates and sheets. We never had much money, but we always had sunshine and brightness in our lives. Orange shag carpets on the floors were like walking in the sun. Thick pile that I can still feel between my fingertips. The art on the walls were the pictures my brother, sister and I drew. Pictures of the ocean and beaches that we never could afford to go to, sand color linoleum on the kitchen floor. Love and laughter showed in the Polaroids, the colors faded in the pictures but not to me.

When I got married, we had a small apartment with white walls that we were not allowed to paint. We hung drapes and a blind on the living room wall that had no window just so we could have some color in our lives. Spring green carpets and sky blue sheets over a secondhand couch were where we loved and lived in those early years. Pink curtains and blankets came when the girls were born. Pictures of their first steps taken across the black and white checkerboard tile. Later playing checkers with the pots and pans. My youngest daughter’s room entirely done in Tinkerbell, even the paint is Tinkerbell purple from Disney. Now my children’s artwork hangs everywhere. School pictures line the walls, knickknacks on the shelves made by little hands. Anything “nice” got broken, our coffee table was scratched and water stained. We laughed and told ourselves we could always buy a new living room set once the girls were older.

The year after my husband left, the pictures changed again. Every room is done in different shades of grey. Blackout blinds in the bedroom because I had to work nights. We had a cheap indoor/outdoor carpeting on the floors, no-nonsense, nonconforming stuff that did not invite my teenage daughter’s friends to come and hang out. The new furniture I finally bought was charcoal grey, the side tables were black metal and glass. I remember trying not to feel much in those days, not liking who I was very much. Our decor, or lack of any, clearly reflected how I felt. That year, was literally, not pretty.

Some of us spend a lot of time and money on our surroundings, but for most of us, we gather the pieces throughout our lives. I look around my home now and I see all the colors and some of the pieces I’ve lived with through the years. The yellows of my childhood are now on the walls in my kitchen, the checkerboard tile in the bath from my first apartment. I kept the metal end tables, they are now in the playroom that the grandkids use. I do have some pretty cool new carpets, one with city streets on them so the kids can run their cars up and down. I have my grandmothers rocking chair and my mothers hutch in the living room that always makes the room feel like home. I have never had much interest in decorating, I never could make my rooms look like the ones in the magazine. It’s OK because my house looks like my home and is a reflection of the people who live in it. We have decorated it with the moments of our lives, and that is what matters to us.