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It’s all about the little things.

The ‘little things’ don’t necessarily have to be little in size but intricate ideas and pieces that describe the environment one wants to portray in that given space. Therefore, making any given environment a place to call your own. A vital part of creating one’s own personal space is décor.

Décor in any area matters because it sets a mood and creates an ambiance that can be explained throughout the room. The room speaks for itself and can either leave a memorable or unpleasant taste in one’s mouth. The details and nuances throughout an environment produce a personality of its own. For example, college students, like myself, get the same uniform dorm room, but it’s up to us to personalize them and make it our own.


Every resident has their own vision of what their dorm wants to look like and so do people in their houses, apartments, businesses, and individual places to call their own.

Furthermore, it adds importance to a cause. In business and events, décor enhances the event and everything in it. The theme of events and the atmosphere portrayed are displayed throughout the room. The décor can either add or take away from the event. Knowing the difference between what’s needed in different events are crucial to the reason why one throws an event. For instance, one can tell the difference between a charity gala a company holds from a baby shower simply on the décor. Decorations down to materials, furniture, area rugs, table arrangements and colors all have a role to play in impacting an event.

Altogether a room is just a room without anyone to make it their own. Décor is the same as a first impression it can make or break the entire experience. It revamps old styles, livens up one’s mood, or create a fresh start. Décor in any environment whether at home, dorm, or business events are crucial to putting one’s trademark on a given space.