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Decorating with Southwestern Rugs

For all of us, our homes are our sanctuaries, our retreats. They are an expression of everything that makes you, you. Our personalities foster preferences in colors, shapes, mediums, and materials. Minimalist or more cluttered, Southwestern or modern, at the end of the day we all want to feel content in our own homes.

Southwestern décor is essential because of its effectiveness in expressing who we are. Without it, our homes would feel empty and soulless. When people enter your home, first impressions are everything. The vibe your house lets off is what speaks volumes of your personality. Is it Elegant? Industrial? Contemporary? Quirky? Western? You are the one who controls this impression. For example, a bright, patterned Southwestern rug can usher in a welcoming feeling. Materials like leather can make a room feel more masculine. Our easiest tip is to just add Southwestern rugs from here.

Mood and ambiance are also influenced by elements you bring into your home. A party can feel lavish and elegant with stark white floors or furniture in conjunction with large wall décor and some fresh flowers. Obviously, however, everything is preference-based. What looks good to one person may not look good to the next. The realm of décor is vast and unending. There are cruelty-free options, options in every material conceivable, options made of recycled materials. Something as simple as color choice has large implications. As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe discussed in his book, Theory of Colours, the evocation of feelings through colors is highly observable. Red symbolizes power and passion, yellow is associated with happiness and creation, and blue perpetuates calm feelings. That is why the décor you choose expresses so much about you. Your choices can represent not only your personality, but your values or the atmosphere you wish your home to convey.

Décor can be especially important for companies or small businesses. Attracting customers is more effective with a welcoming atmosphere and comfortable furniture. Making prospective employees or partners feel at home is understandably more persuasive than a drab, dark office that no one wants to work in. As Adam Heitzman writes about in his article “Why Workspace is So Critical to Employee’s Successes”, décor even goes as far as affecting mental health. Fluorescent lighting and cubicles do not foster the same productivity a bright, colorful office would, plus they are dull and depressing. Open work spaces promote collaboration, which is conducive of better work. Small details such as greenery and colors provide temporary decompression, allowing for increased productivity. The article also connected this with a 12% increase in productivity when the employees are content. As you might notice, productivity is the main theme here, and décor’s effects on this cannot be overstated.

Décor is often falsely regarded as frivolous or feminine, but it is the cornerstone of constructing the atmosphere of your choosing. Its importance in anything from parties to the productivity of companies is inexpressible. Décor matters for more than just your personal preferences, so next time you choose a new wall color or painting, remember the options are more than just “green or blue” but have broader implications larger that affect more than just you.